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Compound Libraries

The bioactive compounds are isolated from the raw material by different methods, such as extraction, distillation, separation and analysis. The compounds are isolated and maintained at more than 95% purity. The phytochemical extraction involves homogenization, vaccum filtration, solvent evaporation, lipophilization and involves utilization of various analytical instruments for the same.

Knowledge in isolation, purification, and structure elucidation of natural products, and our current collection of a variety of pure natural product samples provides a foundation for building natural product based combinatorial libraries, as well as for offering services to identify a minor component in a given sample, whether it is an active compound, a metabolite, or an impurity. Our collection comprises natural compounds isolated from plants, microorganisms, marine species etc.

High throughput screening using a 96-well plate is used to generate a large number of low concentration plates for screening. Sristibio has all necessary facilities and equipment to isolate and chemically identify biologically active components. Additionally, identification and chemical synthesis can be provided. In addition we provide

  • Accurate identification of species names
  • Precise information regarding location of samples
  • Resupply with the aid of a large network of collectors


Srsiti constructs libraries to target gene families, protein targets, to expand the chemical diversity of the company’s compound collection. The database contains approximately 1000 chemical compounds derived from various plant sources including terpenes, saponins, flavonoids, Sterols etc. Our compound libraries from plant sources includes

  • Diverse sets of biologically relevant small molecule
  • Core scaffold of an individual natural product
  • Molecules with high ligand affinity and better specificity to biological targets
  • Diversity of scaffolds for the synthesis of natural compound-like libraries
  • Molecular diversity of structurally similar analogs
  • Valuable pharmacological probes to help target various receptros


Marine Compounds is a collection of bioactive metabolites of marine microorganisms and invertebrates. The current edition of the library covers more than 700 molecules which include alkaloids, diterpenes, eicosanoids, nucleosides, peptides, polycyclic ethers, toxins, sterols, sesquiterpenes, etc.

Marine habitat is considered to be a major source for potential drugs. The library serves as an important source for both biologists and chemists who look for potential pharmaceuticals. The library can be queried using simple & advanced search.


Screening is an approach to chemical synthesis that enables the creation of large numbers of organic compounds by linking chemical building blocks in all possible combinations, identify novel compounds with therapeutic and preventive efficacy against disease This approach to testing drug candidates is highly dependent on the quality of the initial library of compounds, and the intelligence used to select the initial lead candidates that guide the screening process. Our objective lies in devising computational approaches for testing the binding activity of extensive naturally occurring compound libraries prior to testing activity using ligand-binding approaches and assays.

We believe our drug discovery and development approach can significantly improve on the industry’s existing clinical attrition rates through our use of

  • Proprietary cheminformatics databases that relate chemical structure to compound development potential;
  • Multiple lead generation strategies including high throughput screening, virtual screening
  • A company-wide techniques that enables scientists to collect, analyze and share information across the organization

We supply compound source plates and assay plates containing compounds in 96-well micro plates for HTS. We plate the compounds in 96 well microplating in fixed amounts of DMSO solution for screening. We will also supply compounds in vials based on the request.

More than 100000 synthetic and natural compounds are available for screening anti-cancer, diabetes and anti-infective. We supply radio-labelled compound at the maximum possible purity. Our approach is to set up a fractionation scheme and to screen the fractions for the presence of bioactive properties. The following are the services offered.

Our innovative technology platform and extensive expertise in biocatalysis enable us to build wide range of building block library. Our chemical building block library has been developed to support advanced combinatorial lead generation, lead optimization and medicinal chemistry programs. By developing tailor-made building blocks we can assist clients from early development to commercial stage.

All of our chemical building blocks undergo extensive quality control, and purity is guaranteed to be over 95%.



We share expertise and offer consultancy in :
  • Good Agriculture practise for reliable source
  • Organic Certification
  • Process Technology with raw material screening and end product analysis
  • GMP standard guidance for manufacturing and Documentation
  • Formulation Technology
  • Technical training for Quality Management and Process
  • Documentation for Drug, Cosmetic and Nutraceuticals Licenses
  • Product registration / Documentation for overseas market
  • Clinical Validation
  • Scientific validation of herbal and the Indian Systems of medicine
  • Exploring new Herbs and Plants
  • Phytochemical and Phyto-pharmacological studies for lead finding in natural products from the great ancient treatise of India
  • Herbal therapeutics – Pharmacokinetics and utilization of Herbal drugs
  • Safety evaluation of Natural products
  • Technology transfer on Turnkey projects.

Our Research and Development out fit has been carrying on Research and Development activities in various herbal formulation and has developed several formulations of Medicines, Cosmetic and Nutraceuticals.

Our mission is to be a primary manufacturer and supplier of active herbal (Indian system of medicines) pharmaceutical ingredients of the highest quality and purity to the traditional pharmaceutical and emerging phytopharmaceutical Industries.

Isolation, purification and standardization of various formulations derived from plants and other natural sources that can be incorporated into regulated, finished formulations, prescription and OTC products to be sold by clients.

Our Integrated Product Development service delivery platform for product development helps in:

  • Identifying market segments of high value
  • Shortlisting an innovative proposition from either existing licenses or new license development in record time with a clearly marked up USP and offer value
  • Documentation and application of product license in the respective country’s regulatory compliances
  • Process Engineering and development of manufacturing and packaging requirements
  • Documentation of process engineering and packaging standards for compliance
  • Backward integrating supply of raw materials for production
  • Handholding on establishment of the manufacturing unit
  • Continuous handholding in terms of GMP, quality and production planning
  • Marketing Partnerships and support
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