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Drug discovery process is often time consuming & incurs steady and significant R&D spending with extremely high failure rates. The biggest challenge of the industry is to translate the research outcomes into tangible medicines in a cost and time-effective way. Improving some of the discovery processes has thus become a top priority for the industry which improves productivity in a cost effective way.

The major advantage our collaborative discovery services provide helps clients in choosing the best targets to work on there by speed and productivity for the clients.



SristiBio’s cheminformatics service framework aims at providing integrated chemistry solutions to drug discovery & chemical research organizations. The framework enables oragnisations develop, store, manage, analyze & mine chemical data and helps in maximizing the value of their chemical information.

The framework facilitates researchers to organize their proprietary chemical data which helps in accelerating the drug discovery process. It also supports database services necessary to help organizations effectively analyze and visualize the valuable knowledge contained in research data.


DecisionCentric Research Intelligence of Sristi Biosciences Private Limited is drivenby an internal process work bench that enables In Silico Pharmacology happen fordiscovery R&D companies. DCRI services helps clients in multiple forms byharnessing published information in to a knowledge framework that easesresearch decision for clients. Speed and cost are the two major competitiveadvantages DCRI provides its clients.

Client may avail DCRI services in multipleforms, which by all means is a research query that may be as broad as a turnkey project leading to lead identification and optimization or as simple as anexercise of compiling small molecules database relevant to target specified. Weorganize access to DCRI services in the following formats.


Clinical Research

  • Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Power / Sample Size Calculation
    • Testing Hypothesis
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Categorical Data Analysis
    • Survival Analysis
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Data Management Manual
  • CRF Tracking
  • Database Design
  • Database Design Testing and Validation
  • Double Data Entry
  • Data Comparision and adjudication
  • Query Management
  • Data Validation
  • Data Review
  • Data Cleaning
  • Quality Control
  • Database Lock
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